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laurelcanyonradioWelcome to LaurelCanyonRadio.com – Handcrafted Artisanal Harmonies From High in the Hills Of Los Angeles

“Laurel Canyon Radio” is a 24/7 free-form Internet radio station focused on celebrating the harmony –rich, singer-songwriter Southern California sound first made famous in the late 1960s and early 1970’s and the current crop of emerging musicians carrying that sound forward today. Focusing on both the past and present output of musicians from that seminal era and mixing in current artists, the majority of music aired will create a distinct and recognizable commingling of classic rock, folk, indie pop, Americana, blues, roots, country and other subgenres of the adult album alternative format. Our music is hand selected by a group of passionate music enthusiasts with an encyclopedic knowledge of popular music. The station will also place a heavy emphasis on independent and emerging musicians who mine different sounds within the genre and will keep tabs on artists performing upcoming dates in Los Angeles. Artists from then and now may also occasionally appear as guests, either performing, being interviewed or creating live on-air DJ segments.


  • Hey y’all…LC Radio is a lovely Sunday afternoon streaming discovery I made recently that this Sunday (3/29) is not loading.

  • Really enjoy the sounds. History preserved. Keep it up! Cheers.

  • Oi eu sou o marbison do brazil ok. que legal ouvir essa rádio laurielcanyon muito bom gostei …………

  • Found your station while looking through the stations on Radio Station Guide ( a Windows thing I think). I listen while at work and enjoy your music selection much. “Keep on keepin on” as they say….
    Listening from Indianapolis, IN.

  • Your station fits me . . . it’s the music I’ve always loved and now I’ve found it again. A constant fabulous mix of old and new. I’m spreading the word!

    (I listen to it at work on Windows Media Player)

  • Wow! Just discovered this gem. I’m “Shazam”ing every song I’m not familiar with. Each tune evokes an emotional response. I used to live on Walnut Dr in the Kirkwood bowl of Laurel Cyn. This station brings me home. Love Love love!!!

  • Is it possible to stream this on a phone?

    • Wait…got it! Streaming now on my phone. What a fantastic find your radio station is. I just watched the documentary “Inventing David Geffen” and was googling him for more info – and a photo popped up with your site as the tag. Color me extremely happy to have found a fantastic radio station to listen to in my art studio while I paint!

  • As of yesterday I can no longer get the mobile streaming app to load. Just keeps loading and loading. Is there some sort of troubleshooting I can do?

  • Just discovered your station through Shoutcast (and playing it through my tv’s soundbar via Roku as Shoutcast is one of its streaming channels). I love that I can see the artist and song titles. Am loving your station and wishing I’d found it sooner! Thank you all for curating these artists and combining old and new songs.

  • You guys are great, thanks so much for this amazing music selection!

  • So glad I discovered your station. It makes the cold, rainy days here in the UK seem just a bit warmer!!
    If you get a chance please check out a Welsh duo ‘Zervas and Pepper’ they are just starting to get national airplay over here and I think you guys will love them.

    • I am loving Zervas and Pepper…haven’t quite figured out how to get my hands on their latest stuff, but I was listening to Jerome and Buffalo Crow and totally enjoying…thanks for the tip…we’ll keep our eyes and ears out for them!

  • Sabastian Thompson

    Good stuff and I’m listening from Melbourne, Australia. Keep it going.

  • i m from italy I found this radio by chance on google looking for Laurel canyon place..
    my name is manuel

  • Hi to all at Laurel Canyon Radio. I live in the North of the UK in England and I’ve just found your station by accident. As I’m a lover of all things Laurel Canyon, melodic and thoughtful music and the great bands and singer songwriters both past and present, LCR is an absolute treat of a find. I prepare and present a weekly 3 hour radio show on hospital/online radio here in UK and since we went online last summer, I’ve gained a small, but rapidly growing team of hippie music lovers who listen every week. By the way, if anyone would like to give me a try, the station is called HWD Radio and I’m on air each Sunday 5 til 8pm. My show is the appropriately titled Rock Me Gently.

    I’m so glad I found you and will be spreading your gospel during my next show on Sunday.

    You ask for music suggestions, and I’m just discovering Gram Parsons, so how about Flying Burrito’s No 1?

    Many thanks everyone and Love & Peace to you all (staff, volunteers and listeners).

    Roy Able.

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