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Laurel Canyon Radio New Kids In Town Radio Show – Playlist Week of January 12

Hey Laurel Canyon Radio listeners as an extra special treat,  we’ve got the playlist from our “New Kids in Town” radio show than runs on Friday and then again on Monday morning between 9 and 11 am (Laurel Canyon Standard Time – PST).  These artists are carrying for the spirit of the Laurel Canyon spirit whether by vibration, tribute, artistic […]

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Bring Me To The War – Daniel Romano

  This is one bloody sad song, perfect for the Laurel Canyon radio canon, but you’ve got to hand it to Daniel Romano, not only is this Juno-award winning Canadian singer-songwriter prolific (his seventh and eighth albums in as many years being released simultaenously), but he is also an interesting visual artist (see his guitar and outfit below) as well as […]

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Why Do We Remember Song Lyrics From 40 Years Ago, But Can’t Remember Our Paypal Password?

Why Do We Remember Song Lyrics Easier Than Important Passwords?   This morning in the shower, I sang Joni Mitchell’s 1974 song “People’s Parties” from start to finish from memory, a song easily I first listened to more than thirty-odd years ago.  Granted, it’s a relatively short song (I say this because with the potential of another California drought looming, […]

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Hotel California: Singer-Songwriters and Cocaine Cowboys in the LA Canyons 1969-1976

Hotel California: Singer-Songwriters and Cocaine Cowboys in the LA Canyons, 1967-1976 by Barney Hoskyns 316pp, Fourth Estate, £14.99 The subtitle may sound like a specialist subject on Mastermind. But if you are looking for the ingredients traditionally required of a good rock’n’roll story, then Hotel California has got the lot. Diving deep into the mythology of the Los Angeles singer-songwriter […]

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Why Linda Still Matters To Tucson

Why Linda Ronstadt Still Matters to Tucson A Tucson music historian reflects on the lasting influence of our city’s most famous musical export By Daniel Buckley Linda Ronstadt at age 16. Linda Ronstadt’s singing days are over but her hometown’s love affair with the storied singer is anything but. And that love affair goes both ways. She still owns a […]

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Laurel Canyon: The Inside Story of Rock N Roll’s Famous Neighborhood

In the late sixties and early seventies, an impromptu collection of musicians colonized a eucalyptus-scented canyon deep in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles and melded folk, rock, and savvy American pop into a sound that conquered the world as thoroughly as the songs of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones had before them. Thirty years later, the music made […]

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