New Tracks on Laurel Canyon Radio Week of November 2

New Tracks On Laurel Canyon Radio Week of Nov 2

The days grow shorter, but the list of the music we’d like you to hear grows longer.  Here are some of the great tracks we’ve unearthed for you this week, several of them literally from the dustbins of time:


  • “Going To California” – Pressing Stringsps_3


Maryland-based trio Pressing Strings recorded this Led Zep cover live at the Harbor Café in Eastport/Annapolis, sprinkled some Laurel Canyon fairy dust over a sinfully high register, and released it as a single.  We’ve picked this track up and put it into heavy rotation immediately, and it makes us wonder where we have been as these gents have just entered the studio in NYC to record their (!!!) sixth album.



  • “Never Chase A Man” – Esme Patterson


Speaking of fairy dust, how did we miss this killer track from 2014’s Woman To Woman?  In fact, how did we miss this artist altogether?  With a folksy hipster charm and a quirky Mac DeMarco-esque toybox music vibe, we will not let Esme continue to go unplayed (sic) on our station.  We’ve added a couple of other tracks from this lovely album and anticipate a 2016 release on the heels of her fall tour with Craig Finn.




  • “I Am Aware” – Right Away,  Great Captain!


Oh Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra, you snuck this 2012 entire album past our radar once, but we cannot let that happen again, so we’ve dug it up, attached electrodes to it, re-animated it and put it back into heavy rotation.  We’d fire our old music director for not becoming aware of this Milk Carton Kidsy effort sooner, had we paid him anything to begin with.



  • “Runaway Man ” – The Common Linnets


Dutch entrants to the Eurovision songwriting contest in 2014, this sophomore album catapulted to Number 1 on the charts in Netherlands last month, and with good reason, great harmonies and an Americana-soaked agenda reminiscent of Crosby and those other guys.  Europeans seem to have a respectful admiration for the Laurel Canyon Sound and we genuinely appreciate it!



  • “Jesus Will Fix It For You”  – Jeffrey Focault

Fifth solo release from Americana singer/songwriter Jeffrey Focault has a strong high lonesome, wistful sound that includes this dustbowl track “Jesus Will Fix It For You”.    Mr. Focault will be appearing this Friday, November 6 at McCabe’s Guitar Shop here in Santa Monica.


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