Under The Covers

Under the Covers - A Magical Journey - Rock N Roll in L.A. in the 60s - 70s Watching the documentary “Under The Covers – A Magical Journey: Rock N Roll in LA in the 60’s – 70’s” featuring photographer Henry Diltz and artist Gary Burden and their work is like watching two old party buddies hang out and shoot the breeze. Except these two buddies design aesthetic have inserted themselves so far into the Laurel Canyon consciousness that you can’t imagine the period without them. Watching them tool around the canyon in their convertible Porsche and pointing out rock history at every turn, this film is jam packed with amazing footage and photography. The “Morrison Hotel” segment alone is mesmerizing.
We’ve put up a couple of YouTube segments of the film, but why not buy the complete DVD for $9?

Here’s an Amazon link if your interested




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